Telepsych Appointments

To connect the secure telepsychiatry platform, please click the link next to your provider's name. You must use the following supported browsers in order to connect: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari.

Steven Krozer - NP: Room 1 - Click Here

Luron Fleming -NP: Room 2  - Click Here

Dr. Cathleen Crowley-Koschitzki - NP: Room 3 - Click Here

Brian Hendricks - NP: Room 4 - Click Here

Jared Carbone - NP: Room 5 - Click Here

Stephanie Warren (therapy): Room 6 - Click Here

Dr. Patricia Deane (telepsychiatry only): Room 7 - Click Here

Denise Broadwater (therapy): Room 8 - Click Here

Melissa Danner (elderly care): Room 9 - Click Here

For established clients who have been seen by our office on a consistent basis, we offer appointments via telepsych. This works as a video conference call between you and your provider and is set at their discretion.


Click the room link next to your provider. You will be prompted to enter your name and you will be entered into a virtual waiting room at which point your provider will begin the call when available. 

As with in-office appointments, please note that any copayment and/or balance on your account is due at time of service. Payment will automatically be collected from one of the cards on file at the end of the day if you do not call after your appointment or inform our administrative support staff of any needed accommodations. It is your responsibility to let us know of any changes with insurance, payment, or finances.

If you are having trouble attending your appointment that is currently scheduled in-office, please contact our support staff to see if telepsych would be a suitable option for you. Telepsych services are not just at the discretion of your provider but based on your insurance policy. Your care is important to us, and we will always be as accommodating as we can be to ensure your well-being.

If you have any additional questions or trouble connecting, please contact our office at 864-520-2020. You can also watch a video that will further explain the process for you by clicking this link.

Please watch the video and read the instructions below if you're having trouble logging in. 


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