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Mental Health Care in Senior Living Communities

Mental Health

Cognitive Care Specialists

Just like our physical health, mental health and wellness continually evolve as we age. 

This means it presents new challenges the older we get. Because the signs of physical conditions and mental health conditions often overlap, it can also get harder to know when seniors need behavioral health care.

How iTrust Can Help?

Personalized Care and Guidance

Personalized Care & Guidance

Seniors may struggle with transitioning to a new reality, which can increase feelings of sadness, anger, and anxiety.  They often have a fear of losing their independence and experience more social isolation. These life-altering events frequently lead to an ambiguity between what constitutes "circumstantial blues" and what are actually mental health concerns. Finding the true extent of mental health diagnoses can help clarify why symptoms are presenting and how to alleviate them.

Conditons Treated Under Our Care:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Neuro-cognitive Disorder

  • Mood Disorders

  • Loss and Grief

  • Sleep Disorders and more

Mental Health Care with iTrust:

  • Easy referral process

  • Providers meet the resident in the comfort of their room

  • Establishes baseline status for cognition & mood

  • Recommends frequency of visits based on assessment

Wellness Directors &
Primary Care Providers

  • Reduce and prevent hospitalization

  • Reduce poly-pharmacy

  • More manageable & productive work

  • Share clinical notes

  • Teamwork with primary care

  • Communication with family

Signs & Symptoms

To Look Out For

• Changes in appetite, energy level, and/or mood
• Changes in sleep patterns. Sleeping too much, or difficulty falling and staying asleep

• Difficulty expressing positive emotions 
• Persistent hopelessness, sadness, or suicidal thoughts
• Edginess, nervousness, or restlessness

• Cognitive issues including memory, trouble problem-solving, loss of judgment, and loss of perception
• Anger, agitation, or increased aggressiveness
• Problems with grooming or household maintenance


For Your Loved One

Submit a Referral

  1. Contact the community wellness director or executive director about your concerns and tell them you would like a referral submitted to iTrust Wellness.

  2. Needed documentation: a demographic form, medication list, a copy of the resident's insurance, and signed consent for treatment. 

  3. Fax all documentation to iTrust Wellness Group at 864-383-6258

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Seniors Laughing
Image by Esther Ann

from a loving family member


"A quick note to let her boss know how very much we appreciate Misty!  She’s been seeing my mom,  who has advanced/late/end stage Alzheimer’s, in assisted living.  Misty has been the first and only one in our experience so far at the assisted living  who has any working knowledge of the disease, picked up on tidbits of information we’ve been able to provide to take appropriate next action, knows what to look for, how to interpret it, and possible solutions.  Misty has been very matter-of-fact while at the same time being very sensitive to the family while providing a wealth of information.  She has truly been a lifesaver for us in a difficult time, walking us through different possibilities,  when too many in the field are not well versed in dealing with this disease process.  I’ve looked forward to hearing what Misty has had to offer more than any other provider, and appreciate her more than I can express.   I trust all at iTrust Wellness Group values her as much as we do. "

iTrust Wellness Group understands how important communication is for an effective treatment plan and for peace of mind for all involved. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or feedback.

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