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Existing Clients

We value you as a client! We understand that certain things can be confusing or overwhelming, so we have compiled these resources in one easy location for you. 

Please read through the sections given to see if we have answered your question. If there is any other way that our staff can assist you, please contact our office at or (864) 520-2020. We are here for you and your needs!

Enter the Waiting Room

Payment Communication

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In an effort to continue to increase efficiency, iTrust Wellness Group is utilizing ClearGage, a payment service that will help automate our billing process. As claims are processed, Cleargage will send you both a text and an email with a link to pay your balance due in between appointments. This link is completely secure!!

Payments and outstanding balances will still be taken/due at the time of service.  You will also still be able to make a payment through your OnPatient Portal. As our office continues to grow, it is iTrust Wellness Group’s goal to ensure that our billing process is both convenient and transparent. 

Please email our team at billing@itrustwellnessgroup if you have any questions.

Step 1: Receive text message. Click on link. 

Step 2: Verify DOB and zip code associated with your chart. 

Step 3: View Statement and make payment

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