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  • How can I contact my provider in between appointments?
    If you are experiencing side effects from medication or need to relay a message in between appointments, you can reach out to our office at 864-520-2020 via text or call, and one of our support staff members will be able to assist you. You can also email An appointment may be required in order to discuss things with your provider directly, but one of our team members will be able to walk through this with you!
  • Why is it important to keep my appointments?
    Your follow-up appointments are times for you that are specifically reserved with the provider. These times are necessary to evaluate how you are doing and if any medication changes could benefit you. These adjustments can make a difference even if you feel like you are doing okay. Consistent check-ins will also benefit you to discuss your wellness and any improvements that can be made to help you out further. Your providers want to see you!
  • What if I need to move my follow-up?
    If you feel that you are not doing well, or that your next appointment will need to be rescheduled for other reasons, it is important that you do this as soon as possible. You can contact our office staff via text or call at 864-520-2020, and one of our support staff members will be happy to help! If you find yourself in an emergency situation, please know that this is not something our office can typically accommodate. Please visit the "Emergency Resources" tab for a list of places that can assist you through this crisis and guide you through when to schedule a follow-up with our office vs. seeking emergency help.
  • What if I don't like my medications?
    Your treatment plan as established between you and your provider is designed to alleviate your symptoms and address your mental health concerns. However, some regimens or medications may end up requiring changes. If you are experiencing side effects with a medication, please reach out to us via text or call at 864-520-2020 regarding your concerns. If you are feeling as though a medication change is necessary, please schedule an appointment with our team. For your safety, medication changes will only be prescribed during an appointment.
  • If my medication is not working, can I just stop taking it?
    If you feel that your medication is not doing what it should or that it is making you feel worse, do not stop taking it, even under these circumstances. It is important that you stay on the regimen given by your provider until they direct otherwise. In order to receive your next steps, please reach out to our office through text or call at 864-520-2020. Some medications or dosages require titration, the process in which you must taper down instead of stopping altogether. If you are on one of these medications and you completely stop, this may give you severe side effects, sometimes worse than what you were previously experiencing. If you find yourself in this situation, please visit our "Emergency Resources" tab to find immediate care. Your safety is of utmost importance to us.
  • What is a controlled substance?
    A controlled substance is a medication that is controlled by the Drug Enforcement Agency because they have the highest risk for side effects, abuse potential, and dependency potential. While our office does prescribe these medications, they are typically provided on a short-term, limited, or critical need basis. Your provider will do what is best for you with these medications, and it is important that you listen to them about the nature and usage of these medications. Controlled substances will only be refilled at the time of your appointment due to our practice policy. If you are on a controlled substance, your provider will inform you, and this makes your follow-up appointments necessary and crucial. No more than 2 refills are given at a time for controlled substances to ensure proper follow-up appointments and consistent evaluation by our providers. If you are a client currently receiving prescriptions for a controlled substance, random urine drug screens will be performed. If any abuse of these or other substances occurs, this may result in titration off of the controlled substance per the discretion of our staff. iTrust Wellness Group has your best interest in mind when it comes to all medications, including controlled substances.
  • What is a prior authorization, and why do I need it?
    Prior authorizations are required by many insurance companies for a new medication prescription. Typically, pharmacies will fax this over to our office, and we are able to process our end from there. Please ensure that the pharmacy has our correct fax number on file and sends the information to this correct fax number. The process still relies on the insurance company to approve or deny the request; this can take from 2-5 business days at times. Please be patient with this - we will do everything possible to advocate for the approval of your medication, but ultimately, it comes down to what the insurance company decides.
  • What if I need to switch insurances?
    If you have recently changed insurances, either policy or company, please contact our office at your earliest convience. This is important so that you will not face an outstanding balance or a surprise that we are not in network. As a reference, we are in network with: Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare/Optum, Aetna, Humana, Cigna, Tricare, and Medicare.
  • What is an EOB?
    An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement often arrives via mail and closely resembles a medical bill. The top of the paper will say "THIS IS NOT A BILL". The EOB will provide details about a medical insurance claim/visit to our office and explains what portion was paid to the provider and what portion of the payment, if any, is the client's responsibility.
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