The iTrust Wellness Group offers the following comprehensive and confidential mental health services :

What is medication management?

iTrust Wellness Group is comprised of mental health medication specialists that will work alongside you and create a medication regimen to achieve your wellness goals. Our team’s philosophy is highly “patient centered” – you will feel like you are a part of the decision making process more so than other appointments as we believe that our clients are ultimately the experts of “themselves” and our practitioners are experts of “evidence based treatment.” This philosophy is backed by our patient’s treatment experiences and results. 

A typical medication management treatment plan at iTrust Wellness Group may involve:

  • Discussion about symptoms, concerns, family history,  lifestyle to discover the best medication options for you

  • Incorporating holistic treatment practices such as supplements and vitamins (as fellow humans we don’t always like adding additional medications if we can prevent it)

  • Determining the best starting dose and schedule for the medication; which may include a trial period to observe the medication’s effectiveness and side effects.

  • Most patients schedule follow up appointments every 2-4 weeks as new medications are added. Once symptoms are stabilized, appointments may be moved to every 4-12 weeks depending on the comfort level of the provider and client.

  • Develop and educate you on how the medication is theorized to work, what to expect, and the potential benefits and side effects


What is psychotherapy or counseling?

Therapy and psychotherapy are often looked at as interchangeable. Treatment “sessions” may be one-on-one, family or couple sessions, or group oriented. Most counseling sessions start out on a weekly basis as the provider is beginning to understand the client’s concerns and reasons for seeking a counselor. Therapy may involve just a few sessions on a short-term basis to address an immediate issue, such as the loss of a loved one but it may also last months or years to address more complex issues, such as trauma or addiction. 

Therapy appointments are intended to help the client understand how some thoughts or behaviors may be troubling, ineffective, or dangerous. Your therapist can help you develop personal goals and better habits, which can help you feel more in control of your thoughts and behavior. At iTrust Wellness Group, our prescribing psychiatric practitioners strongly believe that if a client is receiving medication management services then therapy is important to pursue as it will strengthen coping strategies and lifestyle changes.

Some of the things you may talk about during psychotherapy include:

  • Current problems or symptoms that concern you

  • Past or current traumatic events

  • Past challenges, symptoms, decisions and how they impacted your life

  • How you are currently coping with problems

  • Ideas or people that are important to you

  • Navigating through life transitions


Panic Disorder
Bipolar Disorder

**If you suffer from a condition not listed here, please call 864-520-2020 and schedule a consultation as our staff may be able to provide treatment or refer you to a more appropriate provider / specialist / facility.


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