Our Mission

With offices in Greenville and Seneca, iTrust Wellness Group strives to provide the highest quality mental health care to our clients. Our treatment model is based on wellness. Instead of only focusing on specific symptom relief, iTrust Wellness Group's psychiatric nurse practitioners and mental health specialists seek to improve intellectual, spiritual, emotional, occupational, physical, and social facets of our client's life. The treatment plan integrates both medication management and/or therapy. We treat people from all facets of life, including commercially insured clientele, Medicare insured, and uninsured. We desire to bring psychiatric and mental health care to everyone, not just a few who can afford it.


Our goal is to help alleviate your symptoms and provide you with the coping skills and insight to bring stability to your life. iTrust Wellness Group also embraces technology where all clinical notes, forms, and admission packets are completed on a computer to ensure the highest level of efficiency, organization, and legibility. The team at iTrust Wellness Group looks forward to helping you in your mental health journey.

Our Nurse Practitioners

Steven Krozer


Originally from Connecticut, Steve found his way to South Carolina after biking across the country for a mental health charity. He completed his education at Vanderbilt University and is a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner with prescriptive authority. He is qualified to work with clients of any age and specializes in psychiatric medication management and integrated therapy.

Steve founded iTrust Wellness Group in the hopes of creating an office that helps clients find relief, hope, and knowledge for both the present and future. His passion for mental health has spurred him to pursue innovative technologies and solutions in the course of developing care for each individual. Steve is dedicated to formulating an evidence-based treatment plan that leads to holistic well-being for each client, improving both symptoms and lifestyles.

Steve has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings as well as local community mental health centers. He has had the opportunity to present educational material for students and professionals alike, including engagements at Anderson University and the University of South Carolina. He regularly works closely with psychiatric nurse practitioner students for resident teaching and the provision of clinical experience. His love of the outdoors frequently leads him to hiking or biking to exercise both mind and body. He enjoys any adventure he is presented with, whether it be international or here in Greenville.

Dr. Stephanie Price


Dr. Stephanie Price is originally from southern Maryland. She went to college at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY and received her degree in Microbiology. She completed her medical education at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Spartanburg, SC, and completed her residency training at Creighton University School of Medicine-Valleywise Health in Phoenix, AZ. She was selected as Co-Chief Resident during her third year of residency.

Areas of interest include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, women’s mood disorders and ADHD. She previously worked at Bayless Integrated Health doing outpatient psychiatry during her residency training.

She enjoys reading, baking desserts, cooking, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.

Dr. Patricia Deane


Dr. Deane is board-certified as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with prescriptive authority. She holds a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Northern Kentucky University as well as a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership from Faith International University. She is additionally certified as a Legal Nurse Consultant. Dr. Deane treats clients across the lifespan via telehealth with morning and evening hours to accommodate the busy lives we lead. She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and is a certified Telehealth provider.  

She believes our mental health plays a vital role in our ability to be our best selves. ADHD causes turmoil is our school performance, work, and relationships, which impacts our self-esteem and social skills. She uses evidence-based interventions to help clients with ADHD stay organized and manage their time. Those skills can translate into a more balanced and successful life. She will collaborate with primary care providers and/or therapists to create a treatment plan that leads to long-term outcomes. She seeks to understand the whole person by delving into family history, genetic influences, and daily habits to help clients reach a greater sense of well-being to live out their full potential. 

In addition to treating clients, Dr. Deane is a graduate professor, teaching in both Doctorate of Nursing Practice and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner programs. Dr. Deane developed a Mental Health Emergency Response program and manual, designed to educate people about mental health issues and train them to respond based on a plan of action. The program also aims to decrease the stigma around mental health topics and increase understanding in hopes of reducing barriers to treatment. 

She has four adult children, two of whom are married, and one beautiful grandchild. 

Brian Hendricks


Brian, a native of Upstate South Carolina, gained experience as a nurse in the acute inpatient setting for 15 years before completing an Advanced Practice Nursing degree through Anderson University. He is a board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with prescriptive authority and can treat psychiatric disorders across the lifespan. As a specialist, he combines his medical experience with extensive knowledge of pharmacological agents and integrative therapies to design evidence-based plans of care based on the needs of each individual. He often concentrates on the utilization of genetic testing and comprehensively incorporates diet, exercise, stress management, sleep, and supplements to mitigate the side effects of polypharmacy and help treat the person as a whole.

Brian finds the most enjoyment in life through experiences and is always up for a little adventure. He believes that much benefit can come from doing simple things - and doing them with purpose. He spends his time biking, vegetable gardening, traveling to new places, and striving to be a helping and loving part of the community that he lives in. He cares passionately about serving the people of Greenville.

Jared Carbone


Originally from New York, Jared has been living in the Upstate SC for almost 20 years.  He graduated from the University of South Alabama in 2018 achieving his Master of Nursing degree and board certification as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. He has worked in inpatient and outpatient psychiatry settings as a both a registered nurse and a psychiatric nurse practitioner including the South Carolina Department of Mental Health located in Spartanburg and Aiken SC.  Jared also has worked and trained in other private psychiatry settings throughout his career including Marshall I. Pickens Hospital/PRISMA Health and a private practice in the Greenville area.  He remains dedicated to establishing a therapeutic relationship with his patients and strives to help improve the lives of his patients through evidence-based psychiatric care.  Recently he published an informative reference book on Amazon called, “Caring for Adults with Mental Illness: A Nurses Perspective in Bridging the Clinical Knowledge Gap” for both psychiatric nursing students and anyone interested in learning more about mental health diagnoses and treatments. 


For respite Jared enjoys jogging, training for half marathons when time allows, going to the gym, and the outdoors. 

Dr. Cathleen Crowley-Koschnitzki


Dr. Cathleen Crowley-Koschnitzki moved to Greenville 15 years ago with her family after her husband completed his army career. She is not only certified as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, but she also maintains certification as a nurse-midwife, women’s health nurse practitioner, and a family nurse practitioner. She has a doctorate in nursing practice from Frontier Nursing University and a post master’s certificate in psychiatric mental health from the University of South Carolina. In her 20+ years as a nurse practitioner in physical health settings, she has learned that mental health is essential for overall health. She has spoken locally regionally and nationally on mental health topics including postpartum depression and mental health screening in primary care.  Dr. Crowley is also a graduate level assistant professor, teaching nurse practitioner students. She is also a guest lecturer at local universities. She has a passion for wellness and women’s health including perinatal and postpartum mental health issues.  She serves as the secretary for the South Carolina chapter of Postpartum Support International. Dr. Crowley believes that mental healthcare does not follow preset guidelines, that each patient deserves individualized care tailored to their personal needs and goals.

In her spare time, Dr. Crowley enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.

Hannah Beddingfield


Hannah is a native of Greenville, South Carolina. She is a board-certified Physician Assistant with full prescriptive authority. She received her undergraduate training at Winthrop University where she found a passion for health care science and behavioral health that lead her to pursue Physician Assistant training at Nova Southeastern University in Jacksonville, Florida. Hannah is experienced in a variety of healthcare settings, including outpatient psychiatry for adults with mental illness, as well as Medication Assisted Treatment for Suboxone therapy. Her approach to treating patients is centered around science-based evidence and tailoring treatment plans to the individual needs of the patient. She also believes that incorporating a healthy diet, exercise, and positive coping mechanisms for stress into the treatment plan is critical for a well-rounded and patient-centered approach to mental health care. She is an active member of the South Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants and the American Academy of Physician Assistants.


During her free-time, Hannah enjoys spending time with her friends and family, she also enjoys hiking Paris Mountain along with her fiancé and dog where she has the trails nearly memorized. She is passionate about traveling the world, her favorite places she has visited so far include Rome and London, while Greece and Australia are on the top of her list to visit next.

Demetris Wright


Demetris Wright is board-certified as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with prescriptive authority. She started her career as a volunteer student at her local community hospital and found her passion for caring for others. After completing postgraduate studies at Anderson University and receiving her Master's Degree in Nursing at Walden University, she served in rural/public health as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Specifically, she focused on chronic management conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression. The treatment and difficulties in public health lead her to her current certification in mental health.  During her time as an FNP, she realized mental health played a vital role in treating the whole person. She has over 12 years of nursing experience in areas including critical care, cardiac care, and home health. In her advanced role, she has served in outpatient medical care settings. She has also served as an undergraduate nursing professor and graduate-level professor teaching nurse practitioner students. With dual certification, she finds it limitless serving and treating the individual as a whole.

When she is not treating clients, Demetris' visits the coast as often as she can, taking in the beautiful ocean views.  She also enjoys cooking, hanging out with friends, and spending time with her two children and three grandchildren.

Luron Fleming


Luron Fleming is a Board Certified Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. He has a deep empathic commitment to serving others and optimizing individuals' health and wellbeing. He has extensive experience in nursing which includes Family & Psychiatric Medicine, Administering Medications, Autism Behavior, and Counseling.


Luron’s medical career began when he joined the United States Army Reserve as a Medic.  He then finished his Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Wofford College, where he attended on an athletic and academic scholarship and was an Army ROTC cadet.  He initiated his active duty career as an Army Engineer Officer.  After leaving active duty in 2002, he did full-time ministry as a Church Administrator, Music Director, Youth Director, Outreach Director, and Director of Addictions Ministry.  Luron graduated from Armstrong Atlantic State University (now Georgia Southern at Savannah) with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After years of experience, he continued his education and graduated with a Master of Science in Nursing degree as a Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. He continues to serve as a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve Nurse Corp as a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. He is dedicated to listening & helping individuals navigate balancing health & wellbeing through the integrative medical process of prescribing pharmaceuticals.

Michelle Miller


Michelle is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with prescriptive authority who is honored to partner with clients to help them find the right treatment for their mental health and total well-being.  She graduated with a psychology degree from Clemson University and worked several years at Gateway House clubhouse for adults with mental illness and at the Greenville Mental Health Center.  She then obtained a bachelor’s in nursing from Clemson and went on to have a fifteen year nursing career, mostly in intensive care.  Michelle graduated with a master’s degree in Clemson’s Family Nurse Practitioner program.   She enjoys working with clients to help them understand their mental health needs and find treatments that will enhance their quality of life.   She welcomes the LGBTQ+ community and enjoys helping people of all backgrounds and beliefs. 

Michelle lives with her wife, daughter, and assortment of pets in Clemson.  When not at work, she enjoys traveling with her family and getting out into nature.

Cassandra Hayes


Cassandra was born in Anderson, SC and has lived in the upstate most of her life. She joined the United States Air Force at seventeen years old where she started her career in the medical field. After serving four years in the military, she started working in public health and hospice. Cassandra has worked with patients and families that have depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and personality disorders. Simmons University in Boston, MA is where Cassandra obtained her master’s degree in Nursing with an emphasis in Family Nurse Practitioner. She currently is a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioner, South Carolina Nurses Association, American Psychiatric Nurses Association and American Nurse Association. As a Nurse Practitioner, she has been published in Medcrave Hospice and Palliative Medicine International Journal.  

Cassandra looks forward to working with patients of all ages that have different needs. Cassandra uses her knowledge of diet, exercise and sleep to educate patients along with the pharmacologic and therapeutic aspects. She treats everyone as an individual and will customize a treatment plan based on the unique needs of each patient.  

In Cassandra’s free time, she enjoys paddle boarding and doing yard work. She is very active in her faith and enjoy spending time with friends and family. She also enjoys traveling and has been to Germany and Saudi Arabia. 

Our Therapists

Stephanie Warren


A desire to work with the elderly initially led Stephanie into the field of social work, and she has enjoyed working with individuals from many different walks of life in her career. After receiving her Master of Social Work degree from the University of South Carolina, Stephanie went on to work as a Hospice social worker, a social work educator, and a counselor with individuals entering therapy as a result of court mandates or probation. A Licensed Independent Social Worker, Stephanie has helped clients of all ages address issues with anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, substance abuse, personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and others.

During the therapeutic process, Stephanie believes in building on the strengths that clients inherently possess. Additionally, she believes that the most important factor in a successful outcome for clients is a solid relationship and connection between client and counselor.

When she is not working, Stephanie can be found spending time with her family and pets or with her nose in a good mystery novel.

Denise Broadwater


Denise Broadwater is a psychodynamic therapist. Her background began as an MST Therapist working with at-risk youth and their families. She graduated from Columbia International University in 2007 with her Masters in Clinical Counseling degree.  She kept a private practice in Charleston, SC, since 2009, seeing clients from ages 9-80. Now a published author, she has experience working with clients who face anxiety, depression, life transitions, and more. 

Her psychodynamic style is client-driven, working with their goals and at their pace, using a variety of techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Family Systems therapy. She believes that counseling in her office means working with people from varied backgrounds and in different stages of their journey. She wants her office to be a safe, unassuming space where clients can share their stories, process their thoughts, and examine both where they are and where they want to be.

Christi Dukes


Christi Dukes is originally from Georgia and has recently relocated to beautiful Upstate South Carolina. Christi received her Bachelor of Social Work from Albany State University in Albany, Georgia and her Master of Social Work from Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia. She received her LCSW in Georgia in 2020 and her LISW in South Carolina in 2021. Christi has experience in providing individual, family, and group therapy in a variety of settings with diverse populations. Her experience includes working with children and adolescents in school settings, older adults in an outpatient clinic, adults in an inpatient hospital, and children and families in home settings. It is Christi’s passion to help others overcome barriers to achieving a healthier way of life. She pulls from a variety of evidence-based approaches to meet the unique needs of the client.

Christi believes that connecting with nature is the perfect way to manage stress. She likes to spend her free time hiking, working on home improvement projects, spending time with her family, and playing with her cats and dogs.

Samuel Elder


Sam Elder is a Licensed Independent Social Worker with years of experience in a variety of fields, including individual therapy, community mental health, and work within the legal system. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Sam earned his Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin. After four years of practicing community and legal social work in Chicago, he moved to South Carolina in 2019, and has since made the Upstate his home. Prior to coming to iTrust Wellness, Sam worked for the South Carolina Department Mental Health, acting as a therapist and crisis counselor, and eventually as the director of Adult Clinical Services for the Spartanburg Area Mental Health Center.

Sam has worked with patients from a variety of backgrounds. He is especially experienced in working with young men struggling with phase-of-life issues, including sorting out career goals and making sense of the meaning of one's struggle. Outside of work, Sam dedicates his time to his family, including a rambunctious three year-old, and his dog Ringo. He's also a fan of movies, music, and the art of identifying the perfect burger.

Bill Reynolds Jr.


A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Bill specializes in marital and premarital counseling as well as spirituality and relationship issues. He helps couples who are seeking marriage enrichment, or trying to overcome relationship difficulties. Bill earned two Master’s Degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy and Christian Education from Southwestern University in Fort Worth, Texas. Bill’s career has spanned over 19 years. With his extensive, therapy career, Bill is well trained and able to professionally help his patients work through areas ranging from grief, anger management, self-esteem, depression and trauma. Bill’s passion shines through in his work and he is eager to help the community.

Bill provides a safe environment and empowers his clients as they learn and work to bolster the skills necessary for day-to-day life. Under his care, clients can reach their goals without feeling judged.

Elderly Care

Melissa Danner


** Treating provider for Assisted Living/Geriatric Communities

Misty Danner is a native of Upstate, South Carolina, and currently resides in Travelers Rest. She originally graduated from the University of South Carolina Upstate, in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where she achieved a bachelor’s degree in Biology.  Misty then pursued her interest in nursing, graduating with honors, from South University.  While working in the intensive care and medical-surgical units at Prisma Health Upstate: Long term acute care unit, she completed her Master of Science in Nursing with a specialty in Adult-Geriatric care, graduating again with honors from Clemson University. Misty is a Board-Certified Adult-Geriatric Nurse Practitioner and is licensed in South Carolina. She has experience working with many of the geriatric care facilities throughout the Upstate. Misty is passionate about the geriatric community and is devoted to providing the best care to support the cognitive and emotional well-being of the aging population. She believes that “the geriatric population has so much value and wisdom to share and that the greatest gift we can give them is to listen”.


Misty is an active member of Sigma Theta Tau, the International Honor Society of Nursing, and The American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry. Misty and her husband, Chris, are proud parents of one beautiful daughter and 3 adorable dogs. She enjoys hiking, biking, and cheering on the Clemson tigers in her free time.

Lisa Finch


** Treating provider for Assisted Living/Geriatric Communities

Lisa completed her RN at Greenville Tech and spent the past seven years caring for medically complex patients across all specialties. In March of 2018, she was honored with the Daisy

Award, and then again in August 2019 as a member of the Wound Care Team. During this time, she completed her Masters of Nursing Degree from Walden University. 


Raising six kids, two of whom have mental and physical disadvantages, she has experienced the need for clinicians to be comfortable and knowledgeable about the complexities that stand between patients and their families. As both a parent and a medical professional, she is in a

unique position that offers what education alone cannot - a sincere empathy for and understanding of those living with physical, mental, and developmental issues. 

Ashley Krozer

 Business Development

As the Community Relations and Business Development Coordinator, Ashley plays an integral role in improving the accessibility and acceptance of those seeking mental health care. Ashley has a deep and personal understanding of the iTrust Wellness Group’s mission and uses her voice to normalize the conversation around mental health by cultivating relationships with individuals, families, and businesses. It is important to Ashley that her interactions with clients give them peace of mind. She aids in the coordination of care through billing, marketing, and general oversight of the practice, to ensure that every interaction with her office upholds the mission of iTrust Wellness Group. Through her role, she strives to create solutions and stability for all involved and she appreciates being able to provide someone with a resource that can improve their lives for the better. 


Ashley continues to seek opportunities that increase her compassion and knowledge for mental wellness. She is an active member on the Autism Family Education Fund board to help spread understanding and further conversations surrounding neurological differences.

Anna Bellew


Community Relations Coordinator

Anna Bellew is a native of Greenville, SC and has worked in a variety of healthcare settings throughout the upstate.  Most recently, she has joined the iTrust team as Community Relations Coordinator, where she will attend networking events, establish referral sources, and educate the public about mental health.  Anna has always had a passion for the field and is particularly interested in the forces that drive our behaviors, which influence our physical and mental health.  This prompted her to obtain a Psychology degree and Master of Public Health degree, with a focus in Health Behavior.  She is also an advocate for organ/blood donation and spent several years collecting blood to supply hospitals while completing her education.  Anna is eager to apply what she has learned through school, employment, and personal experiences to her position at iTrust Wellness Group, as well as help to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness.  

In her downtime, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, going on walks, taking road trips, playing piano, cuddling her schnauzers, watching scary movies, and looking forward to Halloween! 

iTrust Support Staff 

Canine Crew


Therapy Dog & Security

Kenzie is our office's Employee of the Month - every month. On her workdays, she shows up with an eager smile, a listening ear, and an eye for detail. Though she may not come across very vocal, her dedication to her job speaks volumes, and her calm demeanor makes her approachable, even during stressful meetings. iTrust Wellness Group is proud to have an employee who focuses her attention on making each day the best it can be.

When she is not in the office, Kenzie can often be found taking long walks, being loved by her people, and eating as much food as is given to her.


Pup Patrol

I am a native of Greenville, SC. I’m still just a puppy, but I love coming to work with my human, Nathaniel. I take pride in my job, but working full-time is sometimes ruff.  I make it my mission to make sure that the hallways are free of crumbs and that no excess food goes to waste. Although I tend to be shy when meeting new people, I know that my cuteness always brings a smile to peoples' faces. I  can possibly be bribed with tasty treats, but you didn’t hear that from me. My favorite things to do in my free time are taking long walks, terrorizing my brother, Maestro, and snuggling up in blankets.