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"I'd have to say that I have appreciated Mr. Krozer's compassionate professionalism more than anything; in that I mean he is unbiased and understanding. He has an extensive knowledge of humanity- not just the brain and the mind but also human nature itself. He is qualified and personable, and that means the world when it comes to dealing with people. I have not found this degree of these qualities anywhere else in the Upstate region, or any region. I am very thankful to have discovered iTrust Wellness group and will continue choosing them over any others in matters of mental health treatment

- Breton, 

"I can't say enough wonderful things about this place. From a person who has been struggling with multiple pysch visits, inpatient hospital, and medication failure, I was finally diagnosed and given the right proper dose of medication. This soley happened because instead of just assuming things, Steven actually sat down and LISTENED to me. He never once makes me feel like I am less than adequate and you can tell he really deeply cares about his clients. He has a great personality and deals with my sarcasm well. The atmosphere is wonderful and calming and makes you feel less intimidated to being seeing a pysch. A big shout out to Emily for being so real, friendly, and helpful and working me in to get into emergency appointments. Each and everyone have worked together to not only make a difference but yall saved my life and I can't even begin to thank you for giving me back my life and treating me with the upmost care and respect. ❤ if yall struggling with a roller coaster of medications, this is the place to go."

- Makayla,

After spending months in a very dark and hopeless place mentally I was referred to iTrust. I went feeling like there was no hope for me. I was asked to trust the process and to believe that I can and will feel better. It was not an overnight thing however I am ecstatic to say, I am no longer in that dark desperate place. I feel as if I have reason to live and am ready for what the new year brings!

- Tashia

" iTrust Wellness Group is truly the best office and psychiatry team I've ever experienced, and I've been in and out of quite a few. Ashley and Steven GENUINELY care about their patients and their well-being, it's honestly been a unique and truly refreshing experience. They make you feel comfortable and cared for with every visit. HIGHLY recommend this team."

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- Gracie






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