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How to Register for your Onpatient Portal.

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1. Open the Email with subject line "Connect with iTrust Wellness via their patient portal" 

2. Click the "Sign Up Now" button in the email. If your invite expired, please text the office at 864-520-2020 to send another invite. 

3. Register for the portal using your date of birth and phone # given to us in your chart. If you do not follow this step, your log in information will not sync with your chart. Your identity will not be confirmed with the portal. 

4. Create a username and password. CONGRATS! You are not connected and should be able to log in. 

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How to Complete Your Check-In Paperwork

1. Log in using the username and password you created as part of registration and click "Check In" 

2. Take or upload a profile picture.

3. Complete check-in questions. To save check-in paperwork, you must click on each consent link and check "I've read this document" and sign. Once signed click, "save signature" .

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       Onpatient Portal  Benefits and Guidelines     

Fill out any paperwork before your appointment to make checking in easier

View your upcoming appointments 

Message your doctor through a HIPAA compliant portal

Manage your contact and insurance information