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iTrust Wellness Group strives to provide clear and consistent communication to clients. Detailed below is a condensed version of our policies and procedures. Please note that by agreeing to these, you are also agreeing to the full policies and procedures of iTrust Wellness Group. Full copies of the handbook are available below in PDF format, under the Forms section on our website, or on paper in office. Please contact our office staff if you have any trouble accessing these documents.

Abbreviated Policies and Procedures


  • Your appointment will last 40-60 minutes for an initial evaluation or 20-30 minutes for follow-up care. Please keep this in mind and allot the appropriate amount of time in your calendar.

  • Appointments will only be made by scheduling with our office. Walk-in clients will not be seen.

  • It is important to schedule and attend follow-up appointments within a timely fashion for prescription renewal and medication management.

  • Please arrive at least 20 minutes early for an initial consultation appointment and at least 10 minutes early for any follow-up appointment to complete the forms here in office.

  • Failure to cancel an appointment with 24 hours’ notice, and/or failure to attend a scheduled appointment, will result in a $75 fee.


  • iTrust Wellness Group will contact you by phone and email with automatic reminder messages. Our office requires a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule to avoid the $75 no-show fee.


  • Providers will not take time out of appointments to accept or return client’s phone calls unless there is an emergency. If you need to speak with your provider, please set an appointment to allow your provider to give you full care and attention.

  • Keep your communication with our office staff respectful. Do not harass our office staff or call repeatedly on the same day. Allow up to 24 hours for an issue to be communicated and resolved as our providers see clients back to back all day and our staff handles many tasks. Abusive or incessant phone calls may result in termination, and threats will be reported.


  • It is your responsibility to give 3-4 days’ notice for any medication refills.

  • It is your responsibility to notify your provider of any prescription refills at or before your follow up appointment. If prescription refills are authorized outside of scheduled appointment times, medication refill fees may apply.

  • Medications prescribed by our providers carry the risk of unexpected side effects. By consenting to these policies and procedures, our clients waive any and all liability of iTrust Wellness Group practitioners in the event of an unintended medication side effect or side effect from medication.

  • Prior authorizations may be required by your insurance company. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours to process this prior authorization and an additional 48-72 hours for your insurance company to process the request. We recommend that clients call their pharmacy approximately 72 hours after dropping off the prescription to check the prior authorizations status. A processing fee may apply for prior authorization prescription management.

  • Samples may be provided as a courtesy when trying a new medication; however, our office cannot guarantee the stock of samples on any day. Please do not become expectant or dependent upon these samples each month.

  • Prescriptions for controlled substances will not be reissued until the date the prescription is due to run out. Monitoring of controlled substances through the South Carolina Prescription Drug Monitoring Program is a regular practice of our providers for each client.

  • Urine drug screens are completed by our practice to ensure client safety. Consequences of finding illicit or non-prescribed substances in these drug screens may result in events including, but not limited to, client dismissal or the involvement of law enforcement. Fees may apply to urine drug screens to cover the cost of administering the test.


  • Payment for services is expected at the appointment. Any unpaid balances must be paid in order to schedule future sessions. Balances that are not paid within 60-90 days may be sent to collections.

  • iTrust Wellness Group reserves the right to run payments at $20.00 or less when there is a remaining balance on the account, using the credit/debit/HSA card(s) on the client’s file.

  • For telepsychiatry appointments, account balances and other amounts due will be collected by our billing team by the end of the day if our office has not heard from the client, using the method(s) of payment on file, unless other payment arrangements have previously been established.


  • We are in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, Humana, Optum/United Healthcare, Medicare, and Medicaid (excluding Absolute Total Care). Insurance coverage and network participation is subject to change. Different providers may be in network with limited or different insurance companies.

  • If you are not covered by insurance, or there is a lapse in coverage, you are responsible for paying our self-pay rates.

Letters, Forms, and Records

  • Any letter written will be approved only at the discretion of the provider. A standard $25 administrative fee applies for all letters.

  • Our office does not file disability claims or fill out disability paperwork.

  • iTrust Wellness Group is unable to provide testimony or make court related appearances on behalf of a client. In the case that court attendance is mandatory by court order or subpoena, subsequent fees will apply.

  • Records are sent at the discretion of the provider. A fee according to the state of South Carolina will be applicable and must be collected before records are sent over.

  • Our providers are required by law to report suspected child abuse and expressions of intent to harm or endanger others. Our office remains HIPAA compliant but must abide by law to report threats.

Care outside of iTrust Wellness Group

  • Referrals are routinely made to other providers for additional psychiatric care or other medical reasons. Our office will assist with transition of care by sending records to facilitate consistent care.

  • Occasionally, lab work may be recommended or required by your provider as part of your comprehensive treatment plan. You are entitled to copies of any laboratory results.

  • iTrust Wellness Group believes in the benefit of both psychiatric medication management and psychotherapy, and your provider may refer you to counseling or therapy depending upon your situation.

  • iTrust Wellness Group is in no way responsible for medications, procedures, or services provided by other offices or prescribers. It is crucial to inform your provider of any additional medications or changes to your regimen.

  • In the case that emergency care is required, our office requests that you call 911 or report to the nearest emergency room for this care. Our office is unequipped to handle severe emergencies or situations beyond your psychiatric medication management.

Additional Disclaimers

  • Please refer to the full policy and procedure handbook for a complete list of additional disclaimers regarding your interactions and care with our office.


  • In the case that you are dismissed as a client, you will be supplied with a refill for 90 days of your current medications (unless the prescription is a controlled substance). You will also receive a list of psychiatric resources in the Upstate to assist in your transition of care.


Limited English Proficiency Policy

  • Our office will take reasonable steps to ensure that people with Limited English Proficiency maintain meaningful, accessible, and equal opportunities to participate in our services.

Onpatient Portal

  • The onpatient portal is not to be utilized for emergency needs or other urgent situations. These should always be directed to an emergency room or 911.

  • The provider may take up to 48 hours to respond to messages. Requests for new medications or a change in dosage of existing medications will require an appointment with the provider.

  • Communication must be limited to clinical matters only unless explicitly directed otherwise by iTrust Wellness Group providers and/or staff members. The messaging component of the onpatient portal is not to be used for scheduling/cancelling appointments or for general office-related questions.

  • At the discretion of iTrust Wellness Group, user access to onpatient may be revoked if any disrespectful activity or misuse occurs. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure compliance and adherence to policies set forth by iTrust Wellness Group.


All clients are required to read, agree to, and abide by iTrust Wellness Group's policies prior to receiving care regardless of intellectual capacity, diagnostic presentation, age, or other such similar factors that are not mentioned as the safety of our staff and clientele is the number one priority for the iTrust Wellness Group.

In the case that a client is under the age of 18 or does not have the ability or intellectual capacity to consent to iTrust Wellness Group's policies, the client's legal guardian or legal representative is required to read and agree to the policies on behalf of the client and while acting in the client's best interest. By signing this document, you affirm that you understand and agree to the aforementioned policies


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