Client Testimonials

The following testimonials come directly from iTrust Wellness Group clients who are being treated by our office with Spravato (esketamine).

“I had struggled with depression since before high school. I tried about every type of medication that was available - most didn’t do anything. I knew there was a biological component to my mental health, so I kept looking for something in the hopes that something new would be discovered. I had exhausted all that was available, and I became frustrated and desperate.

Within the first two treatments, I felt immediate relief with Spravato. I have been taking this medication for several months now, and my depression symptoms are almost completely gone. There will always be variables with life and experiences, but I know I will always find relief when I come into the office for Spravato. Even if something does happen, it’s comforting to know I will be back every week to continue this treatment; the obstacles in life no longer seem insurmountable.

Spravato has helped me feel as though my mind is recalibrated and balanced, and this treatment has enabled me to use a healthy, positive perspective on life. Imagine life as a window – what used to be foggy and uncertain is now clearing up. Spravato doesn’t mask your feelings; rather, it gives you insight. And now, I have the motivation and energy to take positive steps forward. I have a sense of hope again.”

- Client (male); treated with Spravato since January 2020


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