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Better way to check-in 2.JPG

Check-in For Your Appointment with iTrust

What is the Owl?

Owl is a measurement-based care tool that you and your provider can use in each appointment to measure your progress and to increase treatment effectiveness. Your practitioner will ask you to complete questionnaires regarding your mental and behavioral health concerns and symptoms on a regular basis. This information will help in providing you high value care that gets you feeling better faster.

How do I complete the questionnaires?


You can complete the questionnaires online using your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. You will receive emails or text messages asking you to complete the questionnaires. All of the information gathered will only be available to you and your provider or treatment team*.




Further questions or concerns?

If you are unable to complete the Owl questionnaires using your own device or having trouble logging in, please speak with any of our clinical staff or your provider.

How To Activate Your Check-In Account?

1. 😊  Remember, don’t wait until this last minute to complete your questionnaire as this is a valuable tool for your practitioner and they would like to review it before each appointment. ​

2. Owl will replace the current check-in process through the Onpatient portal. You no longer have to log in to the OnPatient portal before appointments.  

3. You will still have your telehealth appointment using a separate link provided in your appointment reminders. Simply fill out your measures in Owl, then follow the telehealth link in your reminders. 

Things to Remember

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